Sunday, March 8, 2009

Recurring Themes

Often artists will return to a theme in their work, whether consciously or unconsciously.

Being a landscape painter, I find myself attracted to roads or paths and to streams. The symbolism to me, represents the journey of life. Also, I find myself consistently repeating the theme of being separate or apart, both as an individual and as a journey taking step, removing oneself from the familiar. Sometimes I view and portray this in a positive light, but other times I understand the struggle inherent in being different from the norm or separate from the crowd. I often portray this in my work with the use of single and groupings of trees. The single tree is almost always representative of the individual, but a group can be either peer or familial groupings.
And at times, like in the painting, The Leaving, I incorporate both ideas of the stream as life journey and the separation aspect into the same painting.