Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Two Andrew Loomis Books Available Again

Finally, two classic Andrew Loomis books are available again. Figure Drawing for All It's Worth
(available now) and Drawing the Head and Hands (available October). Andrew Loomis is one of the best teacher's of all time and one of my biggest influences. His out of print books go for quite heady amounts of money. It's wonderful that these two classics are back in print, and I hope that more are to come. If you don't have them, I highly recommend picking them up for your library. And since my Figure Drawing for All It's Worth is worn and torn, I will be picking these up once again. Below are a few of Andrew's illustrations and paintings, so you can see just how good he was.


Kathryn McDwell said...

Andrew Loomis's works were Alex Ross's inspiration for creating those artistic pages on various Marvel Comics. That really shows how Loomis is truly the one of the best teachers of all time. His method of keeping things simple for the aspiring artists to learn is truly very effective.

Mark vanderVinne said...

So true, Kathryn. Alex and I went to the American Academy of Art, where Loomis' books were prominently placed as must have reads. And I know for myself, I still go back and look at my copies and learn something new each time.